Warp knitting machine

GE296J Series warp knitting machine is a type of Jacquard knitting machine which may be used to knit double needle bar fabric. Through more than 10 years market development, the GE296J Series warp knitting machine has now become one of the top three warp knitting machines in China. It is a piece of key equipment for the production of cut pile fabric, velour and velveteen, which is mainly used in knitting diverse chemical fibers, such as polyamide fiber, acrylic fiber, polypropylene fiber, viscose fiber and diverse natural fibers, including combed cotton yarn, intimate blend yarn and so on. Additionally, it could also be used to knit dyed yarn and plain-color double needle bar fabric. Therefore, it has a wide application in vehicle cushions, sofa cloths, mattresses, wallpapers, cotton carpets, curtains, shoes and garments.

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